Financial Services

Financial Services Product knowledge

We pride ourselves as a specialised Consumer Education service provider which relevant knowledge and expertise of the industry. Our clients can rely on us to develop effective and high impact initiatives that will benefit their product consumers.

Our team has extensive knowledge of the following financial services industry products:. 

Retirement Funding

Pension/Provident Fund

Employee Benefits

Medical, disability and life insurance

Healthcare Insurance

Short term insurance (Personal/Commercial)

Funeral and Life Cover

Funeral Cover and Life Insurance services

Dreaded Disease

Disability and Impairment protection

Financial Education

Mzansi Financial Education & Media is the leader in consumer financial education. We provide face to face training to more than 200 entrepreneurs on a monthly basis. Partner with and get your brand seen and heard by the people.

Hot Desk Office Spaces

We have several BYOD Entrepreneurial hubs for our entrepreneurs who currently do not have office space. These are spaces they can use on a daily basis to work from and connect with like minded individuals that may aid them in their endeavours.

Entrepreneur Incubation

With our business coaching services from industry leaders, coupled with our hubs, we incubate SMME’s and equip them with the know-how to achieve all their business goals. Our intent is to “Unlock Potential.”

Our Services

We provide a wide array of services in the financial services industry including but not limited to Consumer Financial Education.

Generic Workshops & Training

Our training teams are well equipped to cover subject matter from entry-level to professional level financial training.

Workshop Design

We create custom training packages that can be seamlessly conducted by your own training staff. Through our expertise, we can create a workshop plan that is effective for corporations

One on One Training

Specifically designed for the entrepreneur that is ready to scale, our one on one sessions will ensure a smooth transition.

Trustee Induction Training

Our specialized in-house team does the induction training of new trustees from the moment they are appointed. Speak to us for more information

Radio Features

If you required a larger footprint within traditional media, our team is able to facilitate this through our numerous media partners.

Media Content Development

We create client specific media through our team of creatives. From video services to graphic designing, we have got you covered.